What’s the cheapest item you can get at Chanel? [2022 Update]

Chanel has been the epitome of luxury French fashion for more than 110 years now. It’s captured the hearts of fashion lovers all around the world who one day dream of owning a piece from the prestigious brand.

From their iconic tweed suits to their unmistakable handbags to their signature fragrances, there’s always something to lust after.

Unfortunately for the average shopper, Chanel’s prices aren’t always the most affordable, with their leather goods, jewelry, and clothing items often costing several thousand dollars each.

But the good news is that owning something from the French fashion house doesn’t necessarily mean having to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of items available to buy that are not only under $1,000 but many are even under $100. 

These more affordable items can make for a great purchase for yourself or an impressive gift for a loved one.

Across all product types, the cheapest item from Chanel is its Le Vernis nail polish, which comes in 30 different colors, as well as a base coat and a top coat version. Although on the Chanel site each bottle of nail polish is priced at $28, many colors are available on Amazon for even less, including Alchimie ​— a greenish taupe shade — selling for the lowest price of just $16.59.

Having your nails be Chanel-quality does scream “luxury,” but half the fun of having something from a high-end brand is being able to show off the logo, right?

So, if you were hoping to find something on the cheaper end of Chanel’s price spectrum that you can take out and flash around, below are the cheapest items you can find in every category from handbags to shoes to sunglasses:

Please note that depending on which retailer you purchase Chanel items from, prices may vary. Below are the cheapest available retailers for each item.

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Cheapest Chanel Handbag

There is arguably nothing more classic Chanel than their large, quilted, black handbags with the interlocking double C logo hardware and a metal and leather shoulder strap.

But unless you have anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 to spend on a single bag, that particular style might be out of your reach. Thankfully Chanel has some similar, cheaper — albeit much, much smaller and still pretty expensive — options. 

The cheapest handbag you can get from Chanel is the itty bitty Classic Clutch With Chain. It’s a tiny version of the quilted handbag and the Chanel website says it has a recommended retail price of $1,750 (Chanel handbags are not available for purchase online from the Chanel website and must be bought in-store).

clutch with chain
Image Credit: chanel.com

It has the classic quilt print and the CC hardware, but it comes in a burgundy color and is just 2.5 × 2.9 × 1.2 inches big. It’s definitely a little different than the classic Chanel bag but is undeniably more attainable.

But if you’re looking for something entirely different from the classic quilt print (but still want one of the cheapest options at Chanel) there’s the Gradient Metallic Lambskin Clutch With Chain, which has a recommended retail price of $2,075.

Measuring at just 2.9 × 2.7 × 2.3 inches, this particular bag likely couldn’t fit more than an airpods case and some folded up cash, so it’s less about practicality and more about the look. It comes in a pinky-silver metallic lambskin leather with a gold-tone metal and metallic leather chain, so it’ll definitely make a statement. 

Cheapest Chanel Wallet

One step down from owning a Chanel handbag would be getting a wallet. Yes, they’re smaller than a full-on purse, but they still have the iconic Chanel logo. And the good news is that the cheapest Chanel wallet is even cheaper than the cheapest Chanel purse.

The Small Flap Wallet is the most affordable option on the website, with a recommended retail price of $850. This means you can own a Chanel leather good for less than $1,000, which on its own feels like a win.

small flap wallet
Image Credit: chanel.com

The wallet is a purple calfskin leather with the signature Chanel quilted stitching and gold Chanel logo hardware. It’s on the petite side as far as wallets go, but it can fit four cards, cash, and even has a change pouch, which is all you need for a night out. And even though it may be little, pulling a Chanel wallet out of your bag, no matter what size, will always be fun.

Cheapest Chanel Jewelry

Being frosted in Chanel jewelry sounds like a dream, and there’s nothing more distinguishably Chanel than the interlocking Cs logo.

Thankfully, the most affordable item of jewelry from Chanel has exactly that. It’s a pair of light pink metal studs from the brand’s costume jewelry collection in the shape of the Chanel logo. The little pair of earrings will cost you $425.

chanel earrings
Image Credit: chanel.com

Another similarly more affordable option are the gold stud earrings, which are priced at $515. The pearls they’re dotted in are white glass, so be warned that they’re not the real thing, but hey, they still look great.

And when something’s from Chanel, is anyone really going to question the authenticity of the pearls?

Cheapest Chanel Clothing Item

As much as Chanel is known for its handbags, its clothing follows closely behind in terms of what makes it such a must-have brand.

From creating its immaculately-fitting tweed suits to pioneering the little black dress, Chanel has brought us all kinds of unforgettable fashion moments over the years that people are still wanting to recreate today. 

But if you’re looking to find the most affordable clothing item that the French company offers, you’re going to have to think much smaller than a suit jacket. The cheapest thing you can get is the Silk Twill Scarf priced at $525.

square scarf
Image Credit: chanel.com

Cheapest Chanel Shoes

If you’re looking to add a pair of Chanel shoes to your closet at the lowest possible price point, you’re in luck because there are a few different options.

Chanel has five different styles of their Ballerinas flats, all selling for $850 — the lowest price for a Chanel shoe. 

Image Credit: chanel.com

There’s the Fabric Grosgrain Ballerinas, a red and black Chanel print on top of a white, quilted flat, the Lambskin & Patent Calfskin Ballerinas, an all-black leather flat with a patent leather toe, the Printed Denim Ballerinas, a light blue print with flowers and the Chanel logo on a darker blue denim material, the Tweed Patent Calfskin Ballerinas, a black and white tweed print with a black patent leather toe, and the Grosgrain Laminated Calfskin Ballerinas, a black ribbed fabric flat with a gold leather toe and heel.

Cheapest Chanel Fragrance

Being able to spritz yourself with the scent of Chanel on your way out the door is a great way to start your day off feeling luxurious.

Chanel’s most well known fragrance is easily their Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum, but it’s also one of the pricier ones, costing $82 for even the smallest 1.2 oz bottle. The cheapest option would be to get a bottle of the brand’s Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray, which is priced at $62 for a 1.2 oz bottle.

But if you want something even cheaper than that, small sampler vials can be found for sale on Amazon. The Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette sampler that will cost you $13.90. 

Although technically not a full-sized Chanel product, these samplers have 0.5 oz of perfume in each vial, which means buying multiple of them could end up being more economical than buying a full bottle.

Cheapest Chanel Skincare

Chanel is all about having a classic, timeless look, and what’s more timeless than having bright, well taken care of skin? The brand has plenty of high-quality skincare products, and luckily the cheapest one is also a great one. It’s the Démaquillant Yeax Intense, an eye makeup remover, which sells for $37. 

chanel makeup remover

Those who have used it say it’s extremely gentle yet effective, getting off even the most stubborn waterproof makeup without needing to rub at all. The formula contains cornflower and water rose extracts, which soothes the skin around your eyes and doesn’t leave a greasy film like some makeup removers do.

Cheapest Chanel Sunglasses

There are few fashion items that can make you feel instantly cooler than a good pair of sunglasses, and having a pair for Chanel would be an upper tier of cool.

Many of the brand’s sunglasses are priced pretty high, costing several hundred dollars, but there’s one particular style, priced at a slightly more reasonable $390, that will get you Chanel sunglasses for the cheapest possible price. 

The Pilot Sunglasses, a pair of sleek aviators with a titanium frame and calfskin leather around the temple tip, come in four different colours but only two have the $390 price tag — the other two are slightly more expensive. One has a brown frame and grey lenses while the other has a pink-gold frame and beige lenses.

Cheapest Chanel Personal Care Item

When it comes to smelling like Chanel, perfume and fragrance sprays aren’t the only way to do it. Chanel’s collection of personal care items includes several men’s deodorants, which just so happen to be the cheapest personal care items available. Each 2 oz stick will cost you just $25 and they come in eight different scents.

platinum egoiste
Image Credit: chanel.com

There’s Bleu de Chanel, a mix of citrus, aromatic woods and amber, Allure Homme Sport, a mix of Italian mandarin, cedar, and white musk, Pour Monsieur, with lavender, sicilian lemon, spicy heart, and a woody trail, Antaeus, with lavender, leather, wood, spices, cistus labdanum, clary sage and Indonesian patchouli, Allure Homme Édition Blanche, with notes of lemon, Italian bergamot, New Caledonian sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, and Vanilla, Egoiste, with Sicilian mandarin, coriander, subtly spices, Damask rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and ambrette seed, and Platinum Egoiste, with fresh lavender, rosemary, petitgrain from Paraguay, clary sage, geranium, and exotic wood.

Does Chanel ever go on sale?

Unlike many other luxury brands, Chanel occasionally discounts its items during their biannual sales. Typically, it’s just the seasonal items that are discounted, and only by a slight amount, so if you were hoping to snag any of the classic Chanel staples at a major discount during one of the sales, it unfortunately won’t happen. 

One other option is to look for sales at outside retailers who sell Chanel items such as Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and even Amazon. 

Although sales on Chanel items aren’t frequent, they do happen from time to time, so if you’re doing some Black Friday or post-holiday shopping, it’s always good to keep an eye out.

Where can I get extremely discounted Chanel products?

Buying brand new, full-priced Chanel items just isn’t in everyone’s budget, so going second-hand from a reputable reseller is another great option to get your hands on authentic Chanel items at a discounted price. If you’re buying second-hand, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate seller so that you don’t end up paying a high price for a knock off.

Stores like The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective are known to be great places to buy second hand Chanel — especially handbags — that have been pre-vetted. But even with that added layer of protection, you’ll always want to do your own research on the piece you plan to buy just to double check that everything looks good before committing to the purchase. 

The Real Real in particular has stores all over the country, carrying everything from bags to shoes to jewelry to clothing at major discounts compared to what you’d pay buying those items brand new from the store — sometimes more than 50% off.

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