How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

Resizing a typical ring that is made of malleable material usually costs between $20 to $60. However, more complicated rings with a tougher metal could cost between $75 to $200. If a resize requires resetting of a gemstone, the cost can range from $100 to $5,000.

Before resizing your ring, there is some important information you should know about the process.

In this article, we’ll cover the following ring resizing topics:

  1. Factors That Influence Ring Resizing Cost
  2. Cost of Resizing Various Types of Rings
  3. Where to Get a Ring Resized

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Factors That Influence Ring Resizing Cost

There are many different factors that determine the cost of resizing your ring, so it can be difficult to predict exact costs before getting the real estimate from your jeweler of choice.

However, knowing a ballpark figure range can prevent you from overspending. Most of the time, resizing a ring is inexpensive and a quick fix. 

The main factors that influence the cost of resizing a ring are:

  • What type of metal the ring is made of
  • Whether you are increasing the size of the ring, or reducing it
  • The labor/time needed to perform the resize

Sizing up a ring is usually more expensive due to the extra metal needed. Different types of metals can be more finicky compared to others. If you have a very blingy ring with lots of different diamonds, this will cost more due to the labor needed to reset them after the resize is done.

Also, note that you may only be able to resize your ring 1 or 2 sizes up or down. Extreme changes are usually not possible due to the lack of material or design of the ring. 

If your ring does end up being a bit pricey to resize, remember that it is better to spend money resizing it than the entire ring slipping off your finger! If this ring is important to you, it is worth it to have a perfectly fitting, beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear for a long time. 

Cost of Resizing Various Types of Rings

The material that your ring is made from can greatly influence the cost. Some materials are more difficult to work with which would result in a higher cost for you. Also, the more gemstones or the way that they are set makes a big difference as the person who is resizing the ring will also need to reset the stones correctly. 

cost to resize different types of rings

Cheapest Types of Rings to Resize:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold

These are all easy to manipulate and are inexpensive metals. They are malleable. However, white gold does require a coat of rhodium after reshaping to give it a beautiful sheen.  This could result in a slighter higher cost compared to the others. These types of rings will be very inexpensive to resize. 

More Expensive, Difficult, or Impossible:

  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten

Rose Gold begins to be a bit more complicated due to the fact that it can crack during resizing. This results in a bit more expertise needed.

Platinum and Titanium are harder metals that require special tools and a jeweler skilled in these types of materials. You may need to search a little harder to find a business that will work with your platinum or titanium ring.

Lastly, tungsten is extremely hard and completely unable to be resized. Nobody will resize a tungsten ring. 

Resizing Gemstone Rings: 

If your ring has a diamond or multiple diamonds, the cost to resize and then reset these stones can become expensive very quickly.

An important thing to note is that if your entire band is covered by gemstones, you may not be able to get your ring resized. Jewelers need enough metal to work with and ring with lots of gemstones may not provide this.

Tension rings are also generally a no-go due to the precision that is used to hold the stone in place when the ring is created.  Resizing would disrupt this.

Some gemstones are heat sensitive so these will cost more due to needing to be removed and reset. 

Where to Get a Ring Resized

jewelry shop worker

The total price of your ring resizing at any of these locations depends on all the factors described above.

Independent Jewelery Shops 

Most areas have plenty of independent jewelers that can handle ring resizing. If you want to support local small businesses, we recommend this option! The pricing and timeframe will vary widely for these small local shops.


Walmart is an inexpensive location to resize your ring. However, please note that only rings purchased at Walmart can be resized at a Walmart. The first time you resize a ring at Walmart, it is free. The second time, it should be around $20. It can take up to 3 weeks to resize. 


To resize your ring at Zales, it could cost between $50-$86. Zales will also resize rings purchased from other locations. The time frame is less than two weeks. All Zales locations will do ring resizing. 


JCPenney will resize rings purchased from other locations. The timeframe is listed as seven to ten business days. All JCPenney locations will do ring resizing. 


At Kohl’s, ring resizing can take a while. Their timeframe is six to eight weeks. Kohl’s will only resize gold rings up or down 1 size worth $100 or more and they need to have been bought at Kohl’s. All Kohl’s locations resize rings.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers will resize rings purchased elsewhere. Also, every Kay location does ring resizing. The timeframe is less than two weeks.  


At Macy’s, they will only size rings bought from a Macy’s. However, every Macy’s location does ring resizing. The timeframe is similar to the others, it usually takes two weeks. 


Jared is the fastest out of all of these as they can resize within the same day or hour. However, it can take up to two days. Every Jared does ring resizing and Jared will resize rings purchased elsewhere.

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