Tinting a Leased Car: Does it Violate Your Lender’s Policies?

tinting a leased car

Perfectly tinted windows are an often-overlooked vehicle feature, but one that drivers ultimately appreciate, especially if they’re logging many hours behind the wheel. Tinting can make the difference between an uncomfortable drive spent squinting into the bright sunlight and a relaxing commute in shaded comfort. Window tinting also helps keep vehicles cooler in the summer … Read more

Are Jeeps really worth the $495 car lease payment?

jeep wrangler with caution tape in foreground

Jeeps – they look great on the ‘gram, but can you really afford it? Cars are symbol of status, we get it. Upload a photo of you posing effortlessly next to a brand new Jeep and within minutes your notifications are flooded with likes and gratification from (mostly) strangers.  You’ve chosen your model, picked the … Read more

Hefty down payments are a myth

sticky note with "no down payment" written in marker

TVM, not an acronym for a disease, it stands for Time Value of Money (TVM).  TVM is a standard investment concept that money today is worth more than the same exact sum in a future date simply due to earning potential of that money. Ever heard the term, put your money to work?  This is what … Read more