An Ultimate Guide to the Money Factor

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Although it may seem complicated and daunting, the money factor is quite simple and by the time you finish reading this, you will be an expert too. Since cars can lose so much value in their lifetime, mastering the money factor will prove useful for this big money investment.  Money Factor Video Summary: What is the … Read more

How to Start an eSports Team

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Soul destroying fact: Almost every eSports team that’s a household name is a re-brand or mashup of previously existing teams. Team Liquid was a mashup with Team Curse. OG was a mashup with Team Secret. Fnatic literally bought or ‘acquired’ their original WoW, DotA, and DotA 2 teams. Same with Evil Geniuses. In short, the garage … Read more

How eSports Makes Money in 2021


eSports: Entertainment’s Fastest-Growing Niche eSports Revenues are expected to reach $1.598 billion globally by 2023.  eSports players make anywhere from $25,000 $85,000 per year. The industry as a whole has suffered some short term pain from COVID-19 event cancellations; however, most analysts are forecasting continued growth to overcome this temporary setback. Related Articles: Mark Cuban … Read more

The Mark Cuban eSports Experience


Mark Cuban eSports Overview: Around five years ago, the eSports community was certain of one thing: There would be a Mark Cuban League of Legends team by 2016. They were a bit off the mark, of course. Cuban instead became the owner of an NBA2K team and an eSports betting site. So one might think … Read more

Hefty down payments are a myth

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TVM, not an acronym for a disease, it stands for Time Value of Money (TVM).  TVM is a standard investment concept that money today is worth more than the same exact sum in a future date simply due to earning potential of that money. Ever heard the term, put your money to work?  This is what … Read more

The Art of Time Blocking

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Empower Your Life Are you overwhelmed with tons of tasks and long to-do lists? Do you want to become highly productive and finally have free time for your family? Just because you can’t cope with your to-do lists doesn’t mean you are lazy. It’s all about organization and productivity, which are the secrets of getting … Read more